Georgetown Historic Home Designation Plaque

Historic Designation and Home Ownership

The Georgetown Historic District, was the first Historic District in DC and only the sixth in the nation. The area is bounded by Reservoir Road and Dumbarton Oaks Park to the north, Rock Creek Park to the east, The Potomac River on the south, and Glover-Archbold Parkway to the west. It encompasses about 4,000 buildings, some dating from as far back as 1765. What does Historic Designation...

ANC in Georgetown DC

DC’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission And You

What is an ANC?  DC's Advisory Neighborhood Commissions explained Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E meets in Georgetown. (Grace Bird/The Current/October 2017) ANC stands for Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and they have a big impact on neighborhood life in the area. If you are unfamiliar with ANCs, this primer will help you better understand what they are, who they are, and their role in the...

Fitness Centers Near Me In Georgetown DC

Fitness Centers In Georgetown, DC

Working Out In Georgetown From Boutique to Luxury DC is a very fit town and Georgetown boasts a variety of great fitness centers to work out in. From hardcore gyms to spas, boot-camps, boutique classes and more. Here’s the rundown on what fitness centers are available....

Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates and DC Real Estate

How DC Property Tax is calculated and what it means for your home purchase or sale Property taxes are on the minds of many these days. The recent passage of the new tax bill has had homeowners all over the country -- as well as local DC real estate owners -- rushing to pay their 2018 property tax bill in 2017, in order to take advantage of the deduction offered under the prior tax policy. While this...

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