What to expect and what’s included in the documents you receive from your condo association.

What Is Included In Your Condo Docs?

Condo docs are also called the Residential Resale Disclosure. In DC, the seller has ten days after the contract is signed to deliver the package containing this disclosure to the buyer. The buyer then has three business days to review and the option to cancel the contract.  The condo document contingency ends at 6 pm on the third business day. If the buyer is satisfied then both parties continue towards settlement.

The condo association is responsible for maintaining and updating proper condo disclosure documents, however it is up to the buyer and buyer agent to ensure that everything needed is included when the docs are received.

What Do Condo Docs Consist Of?

Insurance Certificate

The insurance certificate will show what coverage the condominium association maintains for the building as a whole as well as the limits of the policy. Each condo owner maintains a “Walls In” policy for their individual unit.


By-laws cover everything from rules and regulations to the running of the condo association and more. They should be clear and complete in order to ensure both that they are followed and that they are fairly and equitably applied to all residents. Once you purchase your condo, you’ll want to stay informed of any association meetings, especially those where by-laws may be amended.

By-laws may include any or all of the following:

  • Pet policies
  • Rental policies
  • Condo board elections
  • Association Meeting Schedules
  • Use of Common Areas
  • Maintenance of Common Areas
  • Property Appearance and Maintenance Guidelines
  • Resident and Visitor Parking Guidelines


A review of the previous year’s budget offers a great deal of information about the way the condominium is run. Here are some of the things to take note of when reviewing the budget.

  • Did the association stay within budget?
  • Did the association have to take money from reserves in order to make budget?
  • Were reserves properly funded and maintained?
  • Were there any exceptionally large expenditures, especially ones that significantly exceeded the budget?

Reserve Study

A check of the association’s reserve study will let you know whether the association has a clear and complete sense of what maintenance, repairs, and improvements are needed and how to fund them. You will find:

  • Expected upcoming repairs and any designated reserves
  • Projected special assessments for upcoming repairs or improvements

Lawsuits or Judgements

It is important to determine whether there are any pending or completed lawsuits or judgements against the condo association or the board of trustees. These not only let you know how reliable and responsible the condo’s association and board is; they will also indicate the potential for reduced property values and upcoming special assessments or fee hikes needed to fund their payments.

How To Review Condo Docs

Ultimately the buyer will make the determination if the information in the resale package is acceptable. To help make that determination the buyer can ask the agent for explanation on certain items and request to speak with the Condo Board President.  If the documents are particularly complex or lengthy a buyer can also seek the counsel of a real estate attorney for extra precaution.

If you are thinking of purchasing a DC condo, you need an experienced buyer’s agent on your team in order to help you navigate the process. Let’s discuss your needs and get started today on your Georgetown condo search.


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